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At cricketbloggers.com: “We write to express and enjoy ourselves, and for cricket fans like us to enjoy it more than us.”

You cheat your readers if you don’t enjoy the subject of your blog. So, write only if you enjoy the subject.


At cricketbloggers.com, we are a team of three passionate cricket followers and enthusiastic writers:

About US

Nishant aka Andy Desai

The founder, writer, editor, blog publisher, administrator and whatever you can think of… Andy comes with the experience of writing 5000 articles and blogs on various niches before starting cricketbloggers.com.

Cricket and writing are his major passions. Andy always dreamed to have something of his own. The cricketbloggers.com is a dream turned into reality by combining those two passions and added emotions

Sahil Raj

Our youngest write, Sahil is a school student by profession,. Sahil is a passionate writer who loves RCB and Mr. 360: AB De Villiers.

An avid Team India fan, he loves IPL and can write about any team. He is also good at stats, and does a good job in finding a few nuggets.

Sahil Raj1
Nimesh Patel

Nimesh Patel

Nimesh Patel is born and raised in London with a fanatical passion for the game of Cricket. Nimesh always has an opinion on most things in the game and he thinks where better to put these across than cricketbloggers. Tests are my true passion followed by 50 overs and then the fun and frolic of T20.

He tries to keep a balanced perspective but not shies to
criticise anyone when it’s deserving. Some may think he goes too far but the views come from a passion to keep the game alive and improving the spectacle for all of us.

Krish Patel

A passionate cricket fan from the UK, Krish not only loves the game but still plays the game of cricket for his local team in the UK. Like many others, he follows the Indian cricket team with immense passion but has a soft spot for English cricket team too.

He shares his independent views about the game but is happy to discuss and debate any form of cricket with anyone – young or old – at anytime.

Krish Patel
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