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What comes to your mind when you read the word “CRICKET“? A gentlemen’s game? A combination of a bat, ball, and stumps? A team consisting of 11 (young) men? It can be anything.

However, it is not the same for us here at cricket bloggers. The word cricket means a passion, a sport which we are ready to play at any point in time. A sport that we can watch day in and day out, in any sort of form, either it’s a gully cricket or a zonal cricket or an international cricket match. A sport for which we can travel thousands of kilometers, just to watch a particular playing.

However, we now don’t just want to watch or play within ourselves, but want to share our passion with all avid cricket fans like us through small sets of blogs, want to contribute back to the game that has contributed so many remarkable moments in our lives.

Through Cricket Bloggers, we want to share the analysis of the game from the world of international cricket on your computers and smartphones. We want to ensure that you don’t miss out on your daily dose of cricket if you are not able to watch it on the ground, on television, or on smartphones.

Keep following Cricket Bloggers, and we ensure you that you won’t miss out on your daily dose of cricket from the world of international cricket.

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