The Wish for 2020s’ Cricket – Bigger and Better

Now that the 2010s have ended, a lot has been written about what happened in there. Let us take a step ahead to look for what should happen in the 2020s’ cricket. has always looked to grow the game of cricket beyond its existing boundaries, and this blog is one more step into that direction. Here are some of the events that will grow the game of cricket beyond its existing boundaries.

Rise of the West Indies

2020's cricketWest Indies cricket was in soup for a very long time with its alleged mismanagement of players, and administration of the game. However, 2019 saw a turnaround. This has strengthened the WestIndies’ cricket team and the effects are visible in their performances on the field. There already are positive signs and let us all wish that West Indies cricket rise again, to make the world cricket more exciting.

Cricket Rolling into new Nations

In the 2010s, new countries like Oman, Vanuatu, Nigeria, PNG, Jersey, etc. came into prominence. These teams showed a constant rise and Oman even made it to T20I world cup cricket. Let us all wish that the cricket rolls into more such nations and the ICC tournaments grow beyond 20 countries.

The Era of the Fast Cricket

With the new generation of cricketers preferring T20 leagues over the longest format, it isn’t hard to predict that power-hitting would dominate the next decade. And “The Hundred” cricket will enhance it but anything. With the way things are panning out for the longest format, one should not surprise if four days’ test matches replace the existing five days’. That will automatically make teams bat faster than they do in its current state. Going by all the equations happening around the world, the 2020s’ cricket will more or less see the era of the Fast Cricket

Strengthening Test Cricket

This is the ultimate wish of the Cricketbloggers. The game is played at its best in the longest format. Numbers suggest that the 2010s weren’t too exciting for the test cricket. The number of games and the spectators saw a decline in spite of two new teams added to play the elite format. However, an increase in the number of day-night tests has changed the equation a bit. Let us wish that ICC takes more such steps to strengthen the test cricket, and it becomes the format with most number of matches.

Rise of Women’s Cricket

The 2010s saw the women’s cricket skyrocketing. A lot of new talents performed consistently at the highest level. It also saw the dramatic rise of nations like Thailand, which is a very good sign for the game. Additionally, the leagues like WBBL and Super League gave women cricketers financial security. More and more nations rolled out annual contracts for their women cricketers, spectators thronged the stadiums to witness this flavour of the game as well. All these have been brilliant signs, and we wish that the women’s cricket rise in the 2020s with the dual speed.

CricketBloggers‘ Wish-list of 2020s’ cricket

– More Tests for Women’s cricket
– Breaking the power of the top three
– World cup win for South Africa
– Rise of Afghanistan & Ireland at the top of the table

What are your wishes that can contribute to growing the 2020s’ cricket? Please share that wish-list in the comments, and we will reward the best wish.

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