IPL2020 – Season of Innovations and Adjustments – I

The wait for the cricket fans is about to be over. The Indian extravaganza of IPL2020 is around the corner. Since India is breaking daily COVID case records, the 13th edition of IPL is now taking place in the UAE. Many cricketing stars are looking to resume their cricketing journey. That has turned out to be a major reason for the high excitement level amongst the fans. However, the change in venue due to COVID constraints has forced the teams to make a number of adjustments. In the series of this blog, let’s find out those adjustments.

IPL2020: Change in Batsman’s approach

Predictably, there won’t be many high scoring games during the IPL 2020. The T20 cricket is all about batsmen hammering the ball around the park. This year’s IPL may not be the same though. The shift of venue could bring a blessing in disguise for the bowlers. The pitches are expected to deteriorate as the tournament progresses. The slowness in the surfaces may force a transformation into the batsmen’s approach.

No doubt, the batsmen will be ready to face this challenge head-on. Though the batting may not be easy the batsmen with the positive approach may make a lot out of it. There is a saying – “when the going gets tough, tough gets going”. The slow surfaces combined with large outfields means, convert the singles into doubles. Run as hard as possible between the wickets. Converting ones into twos and twos into threes will be the mantra. The real batsman’s approach may overshine the talent of “flashiness” this IPL2020.

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Reliance on the Domestic Core

There are multiple teams who haven’t focus on the domestic core in the past seasons. However, this year could be a little different in that sense. As a matter of fact, no one plays spin better than Asian – and Indians as far as IPL is concerned. With the league taking place in UAE this year, spin is expected to dominate the charts. No surprise if the teams do choose domestic starts over the overseas acquisitions.

The ‘play on the ground’ approach of the domestic players can prove fruitful. It can potentially help convert the results in favor of their franchises. This year may not belong to hard-hitters from the Caribbean, as they may find it difficult to play their go-to shots every now and then. They will have to adjust according to the situations as the tournament progresses.

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