IPL2020 – The Season of Innovation and Adjustments – II

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COVID-19 has changed the way industries work, and IPL2020 isn’t far from that. Amongst its impact on the Indian Premier League, the shift of the venue should be amongst the biggest. In this blog, we are looking at the adjustments that IPL teams are making, to give their best shot for the glittering trophy.

In the first part of this series, we looked at the batsmen’s approach and the core of domestic players as the adjustments. Let us continue to explore further aspects of innovations and adjustments through this blog.

The Season of Bowlers

The T20 cricket fueled the gas into chasing the target approach in white-ball cricket. This year may be different in this aspect though. In the latter half of the tournament, the pitches are expected to slow down by the second inning. As a result, batting first could be the first choice of every toss-winning captain. The shot-making will be easy only for the first 5-6 overs; bowlers will have an edge otherwise. Finally, this could be the year where bowlers could have ‘Last Laugh’ 8/10 times.

It may come down to the middle overs as a deciding factor in the matches. In India, this interval becomes graveyard for the bowlers with wickets in hand. However, this may remain a problematic period for the batting side in the UAE. The awkward bounce in the puddling tracks of UAE may come like a nightmare for batsmen.

The hot and humid conditions of the UAE may not pose as much a threat as it is for batsmen, with bowlers allowed to bowl a maximum of 4 overs. The IPL2020 could well prove to be a season of bowlers.

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IPL2020: Crowd- less Confidence

IPL is expected to break TV rating record of all time this year with no fans allowed inside the stadium. There were reports that 30-40% fans will be allowed to enter the stadium in the later part but a surge in the COVID cases in UAE might put an end to this speculation.

This will also affect the players as well. Some might not believe this but this could play a very big role. Most of the international cricketers are accustomed to playing in the stadiums, full fo spectators. However, this may be the same experience for first-timers in IPL. But as the matches progress by, everyone will make adjustments even there.

Like previous seasons, there will be no home advantage this year, and it can affect the outcome of games as well. There may not be chants of “Dhoni Dhoni…” And “Kohli Kohli…” in the ground, but the TV sets rather.

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Every franchise will have an eye on the title but it will not be easy for any of them. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses. The team who will handle their nerves will have the brightest chance of lifting that ‘Gold Cup’. Nevertheless, there are match-winners in every team and that’s what sets IPL apart from other leagues. Though there are many new challenges across the teams, all of them will be ready to trick up their sleeves.

However, one truth remains the same that IPL2020 is back. Let The Season Begin… Let’s sit back and enjoy the ride of the glittering league.


Credits: Aayush Mahajan for Cricket Bloggers.

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