Rise and Rise of Women’s Cricket

In the last couple of years, women’s cricket is rising every day. Whether it is the cricket world cup in 2017, or the WBBL in Australia, or Women’s Super League in England. Every event has shown us the improved version of cricket in the women’s’ game. It has attracted more of us towards the game. However, if there is one certainty about this version of the game: the peak is miles away. Let’s look at it from a recent journey and a long-term future.

Women’s Cricket World Cup – 2017

women's cricket

If there ever was a high in this version of the game, it was world cup 2017. The favorites – and ever champion – Australia were beaten in the semi-finals, by – one of best innings in the game’s history – individual brilliance of Harmanpreet Kaur, and collective bowling effort from India. If that wasn’t enough, England women bettered India in the final to defend the score of just 226 runs. Moreover, the tournament was played in a true spirit that represents the game of cricket. The teams’ respect for each other was commendable. If anything to go by, the upcoming T20I world cup looks exciting.

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Improved Coverage and Viewership

The most noticeable point of this rise is the significant increase in the coverage and viewership of this version. As per this report by the Ministry of Australia, about 2.8 million viewers in Australia watched at least one form of women’s cricket in the first half of 2019. That’s a staggering number coming from only one country. In fact, women’s T20I world cup final at Melbourne Cricket Ground on 8th March – International Women’s day – is expecting a full house. That’s nearly 100,000 people watching the game in a stadium. That’s the highest viewership of women’s game on a single day is guaranteed. The participation of personalities outside the game to pitch in for this event. suggests the increased interest in the game.

Progressive Emerging Nations

If Bangladesh women team has improved their overall performance as a team – they beat India in the finals of Asia cup – Thailand’s emergence of the world cricket is quite remarkable. Throughout the T20 world cup qualifying tournament, they simply dominated the game over everyone else. To play a final in the first-ever qualifying tournament is a no mean feat. Thailand is sure to be one of the pocket rockets of the upcoming T20I world cup. They may upset a team or two. The women’s team from Namibia and Papua New Guinea also showed a good game mindset in the qualifiers.

Progressive T20I Leagues

No wonder that Women’s Big Bash League and Super League are popular amongst the cricket fans. The BCCI is pondering to start Women’s IPL on similar lines. With the progress of the game, we may also witness the T20 leagues in the Caribbean nations. And all this is thanks to the oozing talent across the world. These leagues will give a platform for the game to rise in the new countries.

At cricketbloggers.com, we are pleased to see that women’s cricket is rising on all occasions. All the power to the girls!!!!

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