Why Rishabh Pant as DC Captain?

  • DC selects Rishabh Pant as their new captain, in place of injured Shreyas Iyer
  • Impact player, who can lead with the match-winning examples
  • Leave the past, look at the future

A couple of hours ago, Delhi Capitals announced that Rishabh Pant as their new captain, in absence of Shreyas Iyer – due to a shoulder injury he picked up during the India-England ODI series. Since the injury news of Iyer, many names were speculated – likes of Ajinkya Rahane, Steve Smith, and Ravi Ashwin – for the post. Even though these were experienced and proven players, what prompted the Delhi Capitals’ management to pick Rishabh Pant as the DC Captain? In this blog, I’ve tried to list a few strong arguments which make his case stronger.

Rishabh Pant – A Master Craftsman

Had DC been in this situation last year, Rishabh wouldn’t even have made the probables’ list. However, this is the impact of the last few months that changed his image. During the 2020-21 Indian summer, Rishabh emerged as a mature batsman and an agile wicket-keeper. He looked like a completely transformed player, who knew his game every ball, either in front or behind the wicket. As I wrote earlier, Rishabh turned himself into an asset for the Indian team.

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A master craftsman is not the one who just knows his role but also understands the value of each player in his team. In the role, he knows the method to orchestrate the junior and senior members, to create the right balance and team bonding. With his match-winning performances, he has already gained the respect of many domestic and international players alike. This respect will be handy at the crucial junctures of the game.

An Impact Player as DC Captain

The IPL is the same tournament where Rishabh Pant announced himself in his breakthrough year of 2017. Since then, he has been an impact player, who can change the game within an over or two. Selecting an impact player at the helm ensures that your captain leads by example, for other members to follow the suit. Even if he doesn’t perform with the bat, he still has an opportunity to set the tone with his glove work.

Leave the Past, Look into Future

Towards the start of this blog, I mentioned the names of Rahane, Smit, and Ashwin being discussed for the job. However, all these players don’t have too long a career from here. In fact, Smith and Rahane aren’t even consistent performers to hold their place in the XI. As far as Ashwin is concerned, he doesn’t have more than 4-5 years ahead of him.

In comparison, Rishabh Pant is just 23-years old. Subsequently, he has a long future ahead of him. Additionally, he will be  DC’s icon player in the next couple of years. As they say, leave the past and look into the future. That’s the precise mantra DC management used while selecting the leader. According to my analysis, age must have been the single most decisive factor in Rishabh’s favor.

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Selecting Rishabh Pant is a mature and futuristic decision by Delhi Capitals, leaving the past in the past. Since Rishabh is their future, DC will have an in-house captain once Shreyas Iyer walks away from the role.

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