Cricket World Cup – A fan’s perspective

Cricket World Cup, game’s most prestigious tournament, comes once every four years. It is an event that determines the game’s champion team. A showpiece event that every cricket payer – naive or experienced – dream of playing in his career. A tournament where the reputation of ICC – game’s commissioning body – is at stake. But what does it mean for a fan – game’s most important stakeholder?

Cricket Carnival

Cricket world cup is at least a month-long carnival of cricket, where all the best players play for their national side. For a fan, there cannot be a better sight than this in world cricket. A guarantee of continuing cricket for 30-40 days, what else do you want as a fan? If you are in a host country, a guarantee of cheering your favorite team in a stadium.

Fan’s Emotions

As a fan, you always want your team to perform well, especially in world cups. You want your team to find ways to get to that knockout spot, and finally lift the trophy. If those 15 players lift the trophy, you feel happier than them. There are an ecstasy, pleasure and all those gleeful feelings.

But what if that doesn’t happen, what if the team doesn’t get there, what if they knocked out at the initial level, what if the matches washed out and lose the advantage? An agony of sorts, a heartbreak.

A fan is about a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It is not easy to be a fan after all.

Renowned fans

Across the world, there are some eminent fans who travel the world with their favorite teams. Here is the list:

1. Victor “Vic” Flowers – An England team fan, unofficial lead of Barmy Army

2. Chaudhry Abdul Jalil aka “Chacha Cricket” – A Pakistan team fan

3. Sudhir Kumar Choudhary – An Indian team fan

4. Billy Cooper – aka “Billy – The Trumpet” – An England team fan, A Barmy Army trumpeter

5. Charulat a Patel – An 87 years old Team India fan (doesn’t travel with the team though)

6. Barmy Army – A group of England team fans, traveling with English team wherever they play

7. Bharat Army – A group of Team India fans, traveling with Indian team wherever they play

Candid Confessions

Here are some candid confessions from the game’s ardent fans – personal friends, cricket club mates, and social media circle.

1. “Cricket is my first love” and rest all is in the descending order, including my wife. So, don’t even dare to ask me how much do I love the world cup.

2. How can’t you love a cricket world cup if you love the game of cricket?

3. An event where you can see what it likes to play for your country, a pride.

4. That is where I can see Kohli’s whips, Starc’s pin-point yorkers, and Gayle’s bat-swing together.

Do you have candid confessions as a fan? Don’t hesitate to add in the comments. We will wait for it.


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